Cathedral Heights brewery is located in Bracebridge Heath, Lincoln Lincolnshire.

Brewing Authentic Lincolnshire real ales for the Lincolnshire pubs and bars.

As we are a small artisan brewery, we are able to brew speciality beers and one off beers for any occasion. We are able to offer our Just Married 3.8% Pale ale for weddings in either cask or bottles with a custom label to suit the occasion.

Steve and Sammi started the brewery for their wedding in September 2011, brewing Just Married the flagship brew on a brewery that produced just one 9 gallon cask per brew in their small kitchen.

During a short break from brewing, in may 2013, Steve and Sammi took the plunge and decided to move into a 1200 square foot premises on the new Churchill business park in Bracebridge Heath.

Steve with the help from family and friends custom built a 2.5BBL brewery to significantly upscale the production and by June 2013 the brewery was completed and production started. With the introduction of a further 5 beers, we now produce a core beer range of 6 beers.

Each Real ale is brewed using only the best Malts and hops to produce beers that scream flavour and originality. With so many other breweries in the UK, we wanted to be different, not wanting to follow the footsteps of mass produced beers that concentrate on quantity. Our beers concentrate on quality and promise to provide your mouth with full on flavour, whether it be a complex oyster stout brewed with fresh oysters, or a simple and to the point bitter. Why drink the mass produced beers that fail to please the mouth when you can drink a locally brewed artisan beer that will leave you wanting more and more.

Cathedral Heights Brewery is now licenced as an Off-Licence so you can buy our beers direct from the brewery.